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Centrifugal Cylinder Liners, Sleeves & Auto Components

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Cylinder Liners and Sleeves

We manufacture and export both types of Cylinder Liner; Wet Cylinder Liner (Liners) and Dry Cylinder Liner (Sleeves) for all type of Engine such as Trucks, Tractors, Cars, Compressor, Generators, Earth Mover Engines and many more. We are specialist in producing the liners as per given specifications and drawings as per customers requirement.

Cylinder Liner (Wet Liners)

The cylinder liner of an internal combustion engine includes a dry-type lower portion and wet-type upper portion(outer side). The upper (wet) portion of the cylinder liner is made to include alternate thinner and thicker portions, the thicker portions strengthening the liner in the wet area and enabling the overall thickness of this portion of the liner to be smaller than would otherwise be possible.

Cylinder Sleeve (Dry Liners)

The Cylinder Sleeve or dry cylinder liners has a flange at the outer circumference of the upper part of a liner, and also has a grind groove formed below the flange at the outer circumferential surface of the liner.


Our inlate & Exhaust Valves made from the various types of raw material like EN24(BS817M40), EN52(BS401s45), 21-4N(BS349S52) which is imported from the reputed European and Japanese steel manufacturers. Inlet VALVES made from chrome-silicon alloy steel and exhaust valve made from chrome-nickel-silicon alloy steel to operate under high temperature and high stress conditions. Valves are also supplied with liquid nit riding process or hard chrome plating which increases the surface hardening of the Stem. This improves resistance to corrosion with consequent sliding ease.

Valve Guide

Valve guide are made from cast iron by casting process, in process of guide casting we add the material like Chromium, molybdenum and nickel , All guides meet or superior than OE material specifications.

Cast iron with correct specification, heat treated for toughness and machined with high precision. Closely machined inner/outer diameter with highly smooth inner surface, and fine grinded outside correct fitment. Non Ferrous Valves Guides made from Phosphorus Bronze and special alloys preferred....

Valve Seat Inserts

We are leading manufacturer of all type of valve seat insert for petrol/diesel & gasoline engine. Our Valve Seat Inserts are made from Chrome Alloy Steel which has a powerful wear resistance at high temperature. Our valve seat inserts give the long life to valve and cylinder head. We maintain its hardness & material standard as per OEM Standards, Chromium and Nickel based wide range of alloy cast valve seats with multiple options.

Casting Products

We make all type of casting like Heavy machine, Heavy light machine, Auto component casting, Diesel engine spare casting, pully, Valve and other products as per drawing.

Cylinder Liner (Wet Liners)


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