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Centrifugal Cylinder Liners, Sleeves & Auto Components

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We provide high quality cylinder liner, sleeves & engine parts with excellent services and the prices very best with the committed shipment date in our principle.

We go through all kind of mandatory quality inspection of each piece manufactured in our factory premises. The inspection is done by the expert quality control engineer and the huge infrastructure is developed by us and a completely different section is kept for this.

We also having the accredition of ISO 9001-2000 Certificate for Quality System required in Centrifugal Casting  which reflects our company’s working system of global standards.

Technical machineries and optimal utilization helps to justify the capability of the organization and embarks to cope with technological paradigm shift.


The defined process sequence along with latest instruments with mechanical control removes the drawback of human error in areas of measurements, material analysis, mechanical and export worthy packaging standard  of the products.

We have well established in our factory premises manufacturing as well as quality assurance capabilities installed with recent equipments and latest instruments to cope with the through quality requirements of the products.
Foundry Shop:
  • 2 Induction Furnaces Fully automatic electronic control panel for casting.
  • 30 Centrifugal Casting Semi Auto Machines for Centrifugal Casting
  • 1 Cell Moulding Machines for all type of air cooled Blocks

  • Machine Shop:
  • 30 semi auto lathe machine for rough turning of casting
  • 6 CNC machines for Final Turning
  • 2 Hydraulic and 1 Pletau Honing Machines for fine boring.
  • 2 Centreless and Cylindrical Grinding Machines for outer Grinding
  • So many type of Measuring instruments for all dimension measurements make Mitutoyo.

  • Laboratory:
  • 1 German make spectro meter lab for micro structure analysis and chemical composition
  • Hardness Tester, Profile Projector, Surface Roughness Tester make Mitutoyo etc.
  • Radio Graphics Inspection (X

    All of our products undergo several stages of strict quality control and are 100% inspected. Some of the stages are mentioned below for the information.

    Stage Process Performance by
    01 Melting Induction Furnace
    02 Casting Analysis Spectro Meter USA
    03 Casting Centrifugal Die Casting Machine
    04 Shell Mould Casting for Air Cooled Block
    05 Rough / Semi Finish Turning Semi automatic Lathe Machine
    06 Finish Boring Vertical Boring Machine
    07 Finish Turning Outer (ID) CNC Machine
    08 Honing Plateau Honing Machine and hydraulic honing maching
    09 Grinding Center less Grinding Machine
    10 Final Inspection Quality Control Department
    11 Cleaning Semi Auto Cleaning Machine
    12 Marking / Etching Laser Marking Machine
    13 Instrument Mititoyo from Japan
    14 Packing Wooden Case for Strong Export Worthy Packing.
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